Answer Questions

Answer questions posted by anonymous users in the local Hive. See the results and follow the question for updates.


Ask Questions

Post questions anonymously to the local Hive. Select your target audience, the length of time and add hashtags to make it searchable.


See the Results

Check-in on your questions to see real-time results. View followed questions and review the top-rated questions from your local Hive and the rest of the world. Discuss the outcomes with other users.


Pimp your Bee

Get points for every interaction to level-up and accessorise your bee. Compete to become the queen bee in your Hive; there is only one per hive!


Post the Outcome

Post a photo or video with a caption to show the outcome and demonstrate the real-life consequences of other users’ votes


Travel to new Hives

Looking for local knowledge or to get involved the local community when travelling? You can switch Hive to your location or continue to answer and ask questions in your home Hive wherever you are


Get In Touch

Fire us an email for more info, support or to enquire about our campus rep programme!